37mm Push on filter Mod

37mm Puch on Filter Mod

I’ve been scouring the auction sites for 37mm push on filters for the Super Ikonta and they are rarer than hen’s teeth. These old 37mm push on filters fit many of the highly desirable folders e.g. Ikontas, Bessas etc. Prices are high, variants are limited and their condition can be a bit of gamble due to age (scratched and fungus damaged).

So I applied a bit of engineering knowhow to a glass damaged 37mm push on filter (£5) and a 37mm-40.5mm Step up ring (£5).

I filed off the 37mm threaded ring leaving a flat side, glued it to the 37mm push on ring using Loctite 480 and re-touched the silver internals of the old ring with a black paint pen – to help reduce reflections.


The result being a 37mm push on filter that now accepts standard 40.5mm filters and/or a rubber hood.

I could have selected a larger 37mm step up ring but worked out that based on the donor ring protrusion of 3.5mm,  40.5mm was large enough not to vignette the Tessar 105mm f/3.5 or Tessar 80mm f/2.8.

This simple solution now open up access to a broader range of cheaper, new and more plentiful modern glass filters – like a classic Orange filter for landscape B&W.