Hi, My name is John Nevill and I’ve been using cameras for more than 35 years. I spent 20 years using film and a further 15 years going digital. In 2014 I returned to film, albeit a fascination for vintage medium format cameras.

As a time served Mechanical Engineer, I have developed a passion and inquisitiveness for all things mechanical. I have rebuilt and restored cars, motorcycles, vintage sewing machines and cameras.

From 2007 until 2016, I was the UK distributor for Feisol carbon fibre support systems and maintained a career in Engineering management.

I originally started to document my vintage camera collection and restorations on Flickr, but soon realised that it would be better to start a dedicated blog.

At the outset, I will be transferring a lot stuff from Flickr, but over the coming months I hope to expand and develop this web site into something more to include detailed how-to’s, brand history and maybe even an outlet…who knows?….it’s early days!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Hi John,
    I live in Australia and have just received a Mimaya 6 model K II from Japan. I have also experienced a language issue where Fully working and beautiful condition has been liberally applied to serious bellows issues (pin/pea holes).
    The camera mechanics seem sound, but the view finder is quite fogged up.
    I was hoping you could help with sourcing a replacement bellows and if you had any material showing how to disassemble it I would really appreciate it.
    You have a great site and a passion for vintage collectable cameras. I was hoping for a solid, working 6×6 or 6×9 camera with a range finder to use (yes use), as I have had great results with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 6×6 folder (guessing distance is OK but not my greatest skill).
    If you have a personal recommendation I’d apreciate it. If you know of one in excellent, working condition I am in the market for one.

    All the best.

    Tony Robinson

    1. Hi Tony, Unfortunately Japan’s camera condition ratings are hit and miss. I’ve distance bought a few cameras from Japan and always negotiate after receiving the goods if they are in poor condition, most sellers normally come to some arrangement. Back in May, I was in Japan for a month and scoured the camera shops in 3 major cities and to be honest I’ve never seen such depleted and poor quality stock.

      I don’t know of any disassembly instructions as I approach my rebuilds in the dark taking plenty of iPhone pictures for reference.

      I do know a very good bellows maker in the UK – http://www.sandehalynch.com/camerawork/bellows.html

      However, He needs the old bellows as a pattern for esoteric models.

      As for 6×6 recommendation, I would look for Agfa Isolette III mk2 with Solinar lens, it has a manual rangefinder and saves the guess work. Lens quality is outstanding. However, bellow replacement is a prerequisite on these but its not difficult and you’ll end up with an amazing folder.

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