Agfa Isolette III mk 2 – 1954

Agfa Isolette III mk 2

This 1954 Isolette III Mk2 model underwent a total restoration with new blue bellows (purchased from Sandeha Lynch).

The body had received an impact, was slightly twisted and needed correcting. The sticky shutter needed cleaning and the bellows were sagging with a few corner pin holes.

Fortunately the lens was in very good condition albeit with seized grease which required cleaning. The rangefinder control dial was also seized. Agfa were known for using a green grease on moving parts which doesn’t age well and ultimately turns into glue. A couple of drops of Plusgas (left to soak) soon had the lens helical and rangefinder dial loose, disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed.

I checked and adjusted the film plane to lens squareness of the front standard and collimated the lens before re-aligning / calibrating the rangefinder

This Mk 2 was the last in the production run and housed the coated and well respected Solinar (Tessar derivative) 75 mm f/3.5 lens. Most late models used a Pronto SVS shutter, however this one has a Synchro Compur with EV scales.

Solinar 75mm f3.5 in Synchro Compur Shutter

Eager to see how well the Solinar performed, I took the camera on a day trip to London and put a roll of Fuji Acros through it….Eastleigh Station at 8:30am

1/125s at f/8 – Full width scan with sky cropped

It’s fair to say this is one sharp lens and a very rewarding folder! Not bad for £80 + £40 for the bellows.