Konishiroku Pearl IIIL – 1957

Konishiroku Pearl IIIL

The Japanese made 645 Konishiroku Pearl III was an evolutionary marvel with its unit focus helical, Seikosha MXL shutter, Hexar 75mm f/3.5 lens, combined view/rangefinder and auto film stop (no red window). It has a satin chrome, black and vinyl clad body with a front standard as rigid as the Ikonta’s.

Purchased for £183 (fall 2016) it needed a full CLA, unit focus repair, bellow’s pinhole repair, vinyl repair and rangefinder alignment.

Throughout the 1950s Konishiroku Pearls were plentiful in Japan but rare (read pricier) in the west.

The unit focus design takes the Hexar (Tessar derivative) lens to its optical limit and beyond that of many front cell focus units. The auto film stop and combined view/rangefinder makes it a breeze to use….get one, if you can find one!

Here’s a sample image…

Fuji Acros 100 – 1/25s f/5.6 (Handheld)