Olympus OM2n – 1978


This OM2n was given to me by my father in law.

It sat perched on a shelf in his living room for the best part of 20 years and hasn’t seen a roll of film since. Being stored pride of place in a heavy smoking environment, the camera and lens had a thick film of tobacco gunk on all exterior parts. The film door light seals were completely shot and so before committing time to renovation, I decided to put in some new batteries – to check that it still worked.

Indeed it did, so I set about carefully cleaning off the old stains using cotton buds and naphtha.

I then did some research on light seal kits and decided that I didn’t want to pay over the odds for some pre-cut foam, so I found to a gasket retailer and bought an assortment of closed and open cell foam adhesive backed sheets in various thicknesses. I have ended up with enough foam variation to probably do 50 cameras – all for the price of one ready made kit.

I cleaned off the old light seal goo and cut some 1.5mm x 1.5mm foam strips and installed them…perfect!

The OM2n was the 2nd generation of the OM2 with a electronically controlled cloth shutter capable of 1/1000s. The most noticeable upgrade feature being the printed pattern on the shutter curtain for OTF exposure measurement. The OM2n was also capable of very long auto exposures and full frame averaging at all shutter speeds.

Prior to going digital in 2000, I had an OM4 which was purchased in 1984 and used extensively for 15+ years. I decided to sell it in 2004 to help fund my first digital SLR. So it’s quite nice to have an old OM back in the collection.

This OM2n has a Zuiko 50mm f1.4 lens attached, which back in the day was deemed the optical standard for colour reference by which all other Zuiko lenses aspired to. Unfortunately this one has quite a bit of internal dust and a some light cleaning scratches on the external elements.

The camera and lens now works flawlessly, a testament to Japanese camera build quality of the late 70s and why they dominate the market today!


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