The only way to mount a Rolleiflex (model 2.8C or later) on a tripod without accidentally bending the film back is to use a Rolleifix.
This cleverly designed plate clamps the underside of the film back’s knob while two pins locate on the front of the camera body. This improves rigidity alleviates bending and places the tripod socket in a more balanced position.
One can then either mount the Rolleifix directly to a tripod or add an Arca Swiss plate to the underside and attach it to a Ball Head.
Obviously mounting directly to a tripod limits flexibility while adding another plate adds weight, bulk and increases leverage.
I therefore went looking for a Ball Head that had a 3/8” stud that would allow the Rolleifix to be mounted directly, alleviating the need for an intermediate Arca Swiss plate.
Feisol CB-30
Feisol CB-30 – Clamp Removed
The £84 Feisol CB-30 fitted the bill, it’s supplied clamp can be removed (with a little heat to soften the threadlock) leaving a male stud of ideal size and length to affix the Rolleifix.
Rolleifix mounted on Feisol CB-30
Rolleifix mounted on Feisol CB-30
The result is a more compact and rigid Ball Head with quick release – perfect for mounting a Rolleiflex on a traveller tripod!
Rolleiflex Mounted

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