Olympus Six…Awaiting Bellows!

Olympus Six in bits

Here we have a 1953 Olympus Six awaiting re-assembly!

A bit of a folly this one, bought for £49 and allegedly in good condition…needless to say the only working part was the film winder.

The bellows had stiff blue electrical tape stuck to them covering a 2cm gash which forced the front standard out of alignment. The Zuiko 7.5cm f2.8 (yes f2.8) lens was completely fogged, lucky enough it only had superficial fungus on the rear element. The vinyl covering was hanging off and the shutter was completely seized.

So a full restoration was in order.

The shutter was rebuilt and the lens cleaned. I decided to peel off all the old vinyl remains, thoroughly clean the camera and set about recovering it in aged 0.8mm Nappa leather.

I measured up and ordered a set of bellows from Sandeha Lynch and now await their arrival before final assembly.


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