Zeiss Ikon IKOPHOT – 1955


If you look long and hard enough, every once in while a bargain turns up.

Here’s that very bargain, a 1955 Zeiss Ikon IKOPHOT light meter.

This classic selenium cell IKOPHOT is like new – the picture was taken straight out the packaging, as received.

The IKOPHOT is housed in a reddish-brown leather case with (still shiny) brass fob chain and includes the original brass encapsulated incident diffuser.

I’ve checked it against my Sekonic L-758 and its reading about 1 stop over which suggests that the selenium cell is in very good condition and only needs minor adjustment.

Over time and depending upon the amount of light they receive, selenium cells normally lose their sensitivity and read low. I guess this one was kept in a drawer for most of its life.

Not a bad find for £8 – given that the original price was £11 – 7s (about £271 in today’s money).


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